Hickory Place, Christchurch

Hickory Place involved the development of seven buildings, both office and warehouse capacities.

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Hickory Investments have been working with the Westaco Group of companies for the last two years after a Project Manager referred them to us. After the initial site development and project design was finialised, Westaco tendered for the hickory Place buildings in Christchurch.

Hickory Place involved approximately 20,000m2 of land with seven buildings, including both office and warehouse capacities. As part of the development, we have a cafe unit to service the needs of this development and the surrounding businesses.

Having handled the design and site development ourselves, we then enlisted Westaco to start and construct our development. Stage One, comprising of two standalone industrial units, and Stage Two, a building block of five units. Westaco managed all the sub-trades including the steel work, roofing and exterior cladding, plumbing mechanical and electrical services. Westaco staff also completed the full internal fit-out including insulation, all wall lining, plastering, painting, suspended ceilings, as well as the manufacturing of the kitchen joinery.
Westaco’s management style offers a genuine and honest approach with direct access to the decision-makers when it’s needed. After the 2011 earthquakes, skilled labour and the entire construction trade was in heavy demand in Christchurch and finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor like Westaco was crucial to ensuring the overall success of the project.
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