Ceilings Unlimited’s main suppliers are USG Don, CBI, Rondo, Daiken/CMAX and Armstrong – their systems providing excellent solutions for malls, supermarkets, hotels, apartments, industrial complexes, commercial buildings and schools – among others.

Systems offer cost-effective answers to many needs – including thermal insulation, acoustic absorption and highlighting daylight and artificial lighting. They come as fixed ceilings or systems that suspend from roof purlins – allowing vital space to install lighting, service systems and air conditioning.

  • The USG Donn ScrewFix suspension system offers a lightweight, dimensionally stable steel furring channel ceiling system expressly designed for screw attaching sheet linings such as plasterboard, fibrous plaster and fibre cement. It suits new buildings, interior retrofits, construction of exterior soffits and batten systems for wall furring. It also suits residential construction in large areas of suspended smooth ceilings. USG also provides various Fire Resistant Rating ceiling design options, including the 24mm Exposed Grid Acoustical Ceiling System – BRANZ Tested to AS1530.4 – 1990 Fire resistance tests of elements of building construction.
  • Rondo Building Services manufactures a range of steel stud and track systems that give designers scope to design durable, versatile framing systems that meet NZ Standards. Of special interest is the Rondo flexible track. Combined with improved flexibility of building boards, this enables small curve radiuses. The improved, speedier system meets increased specifications from architects and designers for curved walls, ceilings, bulkheads and archways.
  • Armstrong Mineral Fibre Ceilings supplies a broad range of ceiling panels designed for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings to reduce noise, improve thermal comfort and enhance fire resistance. Finished textures vary, as do applications – from bevelled edging, exposed tee-grids, square lay-ins and silhouette grids, among others.
  • The T&R CBI Exposed Grid Suspension System is Italian designed and is manufactured to exacting standards. Available with both 24mm and 15mm face widths with a consistent 38mm heavy weight web design, this exposed grid system can accommodate most ceiling tile requirements available in New Zealand. This grid is seismically tested and proven to meet current NZ standards.
  • Daiken Mineral Fibre Ceilings consist of a wide range of exceptional quality and user friendly ceiling tiles. As these tiles are acoustic, virtually dust free and non-combustible they are ideally suited to a wide range of applications such as schools, medical facilities, restaurants and general commercial and industrial applications.
  • CMAX Glass-Wool  Acoustic Ceilings consist of extremely light weight high acoustic  (.9 to 1.0 NRC)   ceiling tiles that are presented in a crisp white monolithic face design. These tiles are available for both 24mm and 15mm exposed grids in both Square and Reveal edge as well as for direct fix applications.

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